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7QP - the 7th Call Area QSO Party

The Last Oregon QSO Party (OQP)

OQPzilla: K4XU
2005 OQP2005 Results - Oregon Stations2005 Results - ROW2005 Rules

OQP 2005 -- the Aftermath

The Oregon QSO Party is now history.    Join us in 2006 (and beyond) for the new 7th Call Area QSO Party.

We would like to thank all who participated in the 2005 Oregon QSO party.    Log submissions and over-all participation this year were up by 50% over last year.    Approximately 150 stations from Oregon participated, and another 2000+ elsewhere.    This despite declining band conditions and competition from three other concurrent QSO parties.   

On the Oregon side, the undisputed single op winner is W7GG.    Bob’s fine station in rare Jefferson County no doubt helped his total.    K7ZSD (with K7JI) takes the multi-op category, and the team of K7ZZ and W7UG operating in the county line category on the Crook/Wheeler border just nosed out the team of K7JJ/K0JJ operating from the equally rare Gilliam/Morrow line.    There were three mobile operations, led by K4XU, and one marine-mobile anchored in the Columbia River on the Columbia/Multnomah line.

Outside of Oregon, a very close race went to W7ZR in Arizona, with W7SE in Wyoming finishing second - for the second year in a row.    The highest place finisher from “back east” was NA3V in 4th place.    Top Canadian finisher is veteran contester Serge using CG2AWR, and a very persistent DL5AWI wins the DX honors.

All thirty-six counties were active but no one station worked more than 34.    New to the OQP were first time participants W4PJS in Union, N7YB in Grant, KD7SWP in Linn, and KA7U in Malheur County.    These newcomers saved our mobiles a lot of extra miles.    We are still searching for resident stations in Lake, Sherman, Wasco, Gilliam, Morrow, Wheeler, Crook, and Tillamook Counties.    If you worked one of these, thank a portable or mobile station.

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7QP / The 7th Call Area QSO Party

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